Latina/os & the Race for the White House

When the pro-immigration marches happened just under 2 years ago, one of the main themes was that Latina/os would be registered to vote and thus make their voices heard. This is the first major election to really test that theme - Are there enough eligible Latina/os in this country to 1) register and 2) get to the polls? I sure as hell hope so!

The interesting aspect of the first half of this race for the White House on the Dems side (and seriously, if there were more than just white dudes running on the GOP side, I might want to discuss them, but I digress.) is that despite a huge movement to get Latina/os involved in politics and political races one major face seems to have fallen by the wayside - Bill Richardson - whose mother is Mexican-American. The dude is Latino!

And where is Bill Richardson today? Leaving the race.

And where do most of the Latina/o voters seem to be leaning? Obama. While he doesn't have the experience, young Latina/o voters don't care, they like the message he brings. Latina Lista also notes that Nevada may be where Latina/o voters may finally be heard. What will happen? Will HRC claim them? Will Obama? Will we even turn out to make a difference?

As for me, I didn't give Richardson much thought because I just didn't. The fact that he is Latino didn't make much a difference to me because none of his messages seemed to really hit home. Maybe it was the way he said them, I dunno. Maybe I was too focused on figuring out Obama & Clinton.

Either way, thanks Bill for trying. You never won, but you represented pretty well.

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