Latinas for Hillary or Latinas against Obama?

We were out all yesterday and it was only at 10 pm that I learned that Hillary had "won" Nevada (it wasn't until this morning that I realized that Obama won the delegate count). My husband & I started to wonder whether or not she won the Latino vote and what the media would conclude about us as a people.

Latinos are racist, but I believe that everyone is racist in some way. Individuals vary from actively working on anti-racist measures to being just plain old racist. It's naive to think that our country is anything but racist and that as people living in this country are immune to our racist culture.

So what happened yesterday? According to Latina Lista (my go to for Latina news):

From the CNN entrance poll data, we immediately see that Clinton got 51% of the overall female vote while Obama received 38%.

However, among non-white women, Obama was the winner with 51% of the vote versus Clinton's 43%.

That's only an 8 point difference as opposed to what the point difference is between the two candidates when it comes to the overall Latino vote.

In that respect, Obama received 26% of the Latino vote and Clinton scored 64% of it — that's a 38-point difference.

It's a higher return than even the youth vote (18-29) where the point difference between the two candidates stands at 26 points. (emphasis mine)

Will this one caucus result in the media calling Latina/os racist? That a black man lost their vote to a white woman? (BTW - Have you noticed how the media refers to Obama as a black man and Clinton a woman...Thus saying that all women are white unless noted.) Instead of maybe talking about how Clinton perhaps addressed the issues that Latina/os are facing better than Obama? Or even how unions are losing power day after day (which is really sad for our working people)?

I don't know all the answers to those questions and I doubt that the media will work overtime to answer them. Perhaps I'm being too pessimistic. Maybe the media will too busy chasing after the Reagan remark or Hillary's hair to take this moment to slam Latina/os. But from what I've seen of the media, I doubt it.

footnote: I am unable to find the +/- or margin of error on this poll, which for me is very important. Still, considering that the media doesn't give a rats ass about what statistics really mean, I doubt that a margin of error even enters into their "analysis."

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