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1. The current issue of Bitch Magazine is out & if you don't subscribe, go pick it up. But until you can do that, you can read me online at their website. Please leave comments!

2. I'm guest blogging at The 3 R''s a repost of a book review. it again or the first time!

3. I posted at Chicago Parent about a colleague of mine who was featured at CP about how kids of same sex couples often get bullied.

4. Don't forget to enter the book give-a-way for "Writing Motherhood" either!

NCLM Comments for today:
1. ACLU Blog
2. Sciencewoman outlines the difference between the NWSA conference and an engineers conference. Yes, I said I was going to be at NWSA, but mommy duties won out this year. If only Southwest flew to Cincinnati, I totally could have done both!
3. Latina Lista on how us Latin@ bloggers & voters are still getting shafted by Obama.
4. Shine has the dish on a 17 girl pregnancy pact. Yes, you read that right.
5. Feminist Law Profs reports that there are now edible LEGOS. Yes, I'm not teasing.

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