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19 June 2008

Nothing to see here....Go here to read me instead

1. The current issue of Bitch Magazine is out & if you don't subscribe, go pick it up. But until you can do that, you can read me online at their website. Please leave comments!

2. I'm guest blogging at The 3 R's...it's a repost of a book review. Go...read it again or the first time!

3. I posted at Chicago Parent about a colleague of mine who was featured at CP about how kids of same sex couples often get bullied.

4. Don't forget to enter the book give-a-way for "Writing Motherhood" either!

NCLM Comments for today:
1. ACLU Blog
2. Sciencewoman outlines the difference between the NWSA conference and an engineers conference. Yes, I said I was going to be at NWSA, but mommy duties won out this year. If only Southwest flew to Cincinnati, I totally could have done both!
3. Latina Lista on how us Latin@ bloggers & voters are still getting shafted by Obama.
4. Shine has the dish on a 17 girl pregnancy pact. Yes, you read that right.
5. Feminist Law Profs reports that there are now edible LEGOS. Yes, I'm not teasing.

Comment back:
Today's the day!


Anonymous said...

That's a great article in Bitch, and it's true! Mommies of color are rarely given any outlets or recruited for the blogosphere, but there's also another group that I feel is undermined as well: the stepmothers.

I'm a custodial stepmother with the biological mother completely out of the picture and I feel that in a society where the familial make-up is changing to one of a blended family, I think the stepmothers aren't given as much credit for what they do either considering that a lot of them also put as much love, work, and effort to raising kids that aren't theirs as the biological parents, and this seems to me to be another group that is underrepresented as well.

Veronica said...

Step-moms...yes, very much so are ignored in our entire society. Me thinks too many fairy tales are to blame.

And thanks for the kudos on the article!

Kim said...

Great article, I agree! nclm


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