"There's no crying (whining) in baseball"

I say that MLB make viewing "A League of Their Own" a requirement each spring training. And maybe at the All-Star break for those with short memories:

  1. Yesterday the Cubs were scheduled to play against the Padres at the last Hall of Fame EXHIBITION game. Note the emphasis on exhibition. The vets on the Cubs (I assume the Padres as well) griped about having to use their day off to play a game that "means nothing"...nothing to the standings, but I'm sure a lot to the fans of upstate NY, New England, and the economy of the Cooperstown area. What do they get for their whining? A rain out. Yup, even the baseball gods were upset enough to really show them what a meaningless game looks like. Cubbies...we're on a roll, let's not upset the baseball gods! Plus for many of ya, this might be your only trip to Cooperstown without a tourist badge.

  2. NY Yankees pitcher, playing in a National League game, hurt his foot so bad that he's out until September. For the non-fans reading this. Baseball is split in two leagues. The National League, where the Cubs play, had every player play the field and bat, IOW, the pitcher hits and runs. In the wimp-ass American League there is a designated hitter who hits for the pitcher. The NY Yankees co-chairman is upset, "The National League needs to join the 21st century," he fumed. "That was a rule from the 1800s."wa-wa-waaaaa!
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