Work it, Mom! Monday!

Today's Work it, Mom! post will be up soon and it will obviously include some commentary about Hillary Clinton. So stop on by in the afternoon to chime in.

On the NLCM side of things, I'm terribly behind. I really shouldn't have commited to something like this in a month when I'm traveling three weekends in a row. So, I have 4 days to make up plus today's 5 comments. TWENTY! Dear goddess help me. Here's what I have so far:

1. Latina Lista
2. Blog without a Bicycle (who live blogged NCRW)
3. Progress Illinois
4. Yikes!
5. Work it, Mom! Moms on Issues
6. Me3dia
7. Yikes! (yes, again -- I've known BAC for years)
8. Think Girl
9. Hormone-colored Days
10. Barking at Kathy

whew! Down to 10 make-ups and 5 for tomorrow.

Comment back:
Thursday: I can't seem to see any comments left on Thursday, so I'll skip this day. And only because I'm so gosh darn behind on this project!
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