Latina web series

I really should be writing up my Work it, Mom! column for tomorrow, but I'm all out of ideas. Shit. Instead I'm reading thru my Bloglines...looking for ideas people!...and Latina Lista pointed me to a new web-based series, this time starring a Latina.

I just finished watching it and LOVED it!

You can catch Ylse (as in illegal & sexy) on her website, iTunes, or YouTube. Latina Lista describes the show:

A not so politically correct comedy about a young woman's climb up the journalistic ladder and the colorful characters that make up her life. Ylse struggles with her professional life, while navigating the unique circumstances of those living a dual existence; being an American woman of Mexican descent working in the male dominated entertainment news industry. This is no easy ride as Ylse has her own notions as to how things should get done.

The best moment was when Ylse is staring at a photo on the back of her's Oprah! Now go and watch!