Summer Nights

Sure, it's not even St. Patrick's Day, but with the number of people I know who are getting their COVID vaccines, including myself, I am thinking about summer. President Biden asked us to stay steady, keep masking, and get our vaccines for the hope of 4th of July BBQs and picnics. We have parties to throw including in our backyard. And of course the backyard is where our garden will grow delicious veggies and hopefully our apple tree will bear a lot of fruit.  Last summer was filled with canceled concerts and a few socially-distant gatherings with friends. I have a lot of hope for a fabulous summer, especially given that my daughter graduates high school in June. I got places to take her! 

Our backyard was well used last summer with movies, kiddie pool lounging, and a lot of dinners. I am looking forward to doing even more of that, but with friends. 

So here is to to my second vaccination shot, you getting yours, and lovely nights while the cicadas sing their song of lust as we responsibly getting out of our pods to see our friends and make up for lost time. 

Speaking of the sounds of summer, leave a comment with your pick for song for the summer. Music got me through this pandemic and will definitely be huge with a return to socializing. But while I binged on Taylor Swift’s folklore as I longed to be out in the world, I do think I’ll be leaning heavy into Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia to keep the parties going.

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