Writing at the intersection of motherhood, feminism and my Latinidad


Media Appearances:

* On-going monthly appearance on VOCALO's "The Morning AMp!" and WBEZ's "Afternoon Shift"

* Augusta National a powerful holdout among men-only clubs, CNN, April 4, 2012

* NBC Nightly News: "Our Bodies Ourselves", October 2011

* 'Mancession' brings new majority to the workforce: women, Depaulia, October 4, 2010

* Peer Pointers, UIC News, July 7, 2010

* Mothers mag flames tempest in a D-cup with "creepy" breastfeeding remarks, Canada.com, July 1, 2010

* WGN Radio, Discussion of Focus on the Family Super Bowl Ad, January 2010

* Female "Person of the Year" by Kate Harding, Broadsheet, December 2009

* Raising the Baby Question, by Nona Willis Aronowitz, The Nation, May 2009

* WGN-TV: "B-Word", November 2008

* Middle weight: Heavy is the burden of the woman caught between a feuding husband and parent by Paige Wiser, Chicago Sun-Times, May 2005.

* Woods finds hazard - Organizations upset at his lack of stance on Augusta's exclusion of women, Ed Sherman and Marlen Garcia, Chicago Tribune, July 17, 2002.

* Social Security Showdown: Candidates Tout Privatization, Add-on Plan, by Janet Kidd Stewart, Chicago Tribune, October 2000

* Women Address Power Issues at Feminist Expo by Cassandra West, Chicago Tribune, April 2000

* More than a figure of speech: First Lady Talks of Pay Gap at Women's Equality Summit by Beth Kanter, Chicago Tribune, April 1999 


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