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Are you looking for an engaging and fun speaker for Women's History Month or anytime?

In 2010, I spoke at the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women about feminism in a multicultural society. This wonderful panel included Courtney Martin and Siobhan Brooks. We discussed why some young women don't embrace the f-word, why some women of color don't embrace the f-word, what things "The Feminist Movement" needs to do to attract more women of color and much more.

Other topics I can speak on include:
  • Motherhood & feminism
  • Girls/Women in science & engineering
  • Social Media & feminism/activism
  • ASK! I'm confident we can work out a topic to fit your event / class
I can speak to audiences from kindergarten on up to life-long learners!

From reading to kindergartners about women's history to sharing my thoughts about activism & feminism online, I can style my talk, speech or remarks to your audience.

Featured speaker, panel participant or event emcee, you can count on me. 

I don't have to be the center of attention either! I'm a fun and smart emcee/event host. I'm mean with the timer, so I won't let your speakers go over their allotted time and at the same time keep everyone on a panel engaged.

Send me an email and let's talk! veronica(dot)arreola(at)gmail(dot)com

Past engagements:

Butler University: Invited Lecture for Women's History Month. "I'm a Professional Feminist, Ask Me How!" (March 2011)
Laughing Liberally: Interview. (December 2010)
Blogalicious: Invited panel speaker. "Latinas and Web 2.0 - The Sweet Spot" (October 2010)
Facing Race: Invited panel speaker. " Plenary II: Covering Race / Uncovering Racism: New Media Innovations for Revealing Realities" (September 2010)
Laughing Liberally: Interview. (October 2010)Talkin' Tuesdays: Monologue (September 2010)
Netroots Nation 2010: General session panel speaker. "So You Wanna Change the World? How to Rock on Social Networks" (July 2010)
Feminism in a Multicultural Society: Invited panel speaker. Flora Stone Mather Center for Women, Case Western Reserve (March 2010)
Laughing Liberally: Interview (February 2010)

Empowerment of Women of Color Dinner: Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Northwestern University. Invited Guest (November 2009)
Chicago Media Democracy Day: Invited Panel Speaker and Workshop leader. (November 2009)
Blogalicious: Town Hall & Plenary Session: “Marketing to Women of Color: The Real Deal” (October 2009)
National Council of La Raza Annual Conference: Lideres Town Hall “Plug In to the Power of New Media!” Invited panel speakers (July 2009)
Blogher: Panel: “What does it mean to be pro-woman in a post-Palin world?” (invited) (July 2009)
National Organization for Women Conference: Organizing Institute: “Feminist Blogging: Connecting Women around the World” (June 2009)
Chicago Foundation for Women Latina Leadership Council Fundraiser: Invited panel speaker. (June 2009)
Executive Women International: Scholarship dinner Keynote speaker (invited) (May 2009)
Netroots Nation Salon Chicago: "Pushing a Progressive Agenda in the Obama Administration" (invited panelist) (May 2009)
Midwest Girls Collaborative Project: Morning Plenary Speaker.(invited) (April 2009)
Women, Action and Media (WAM!): Panels “Feminist Blogging: From Journalism to Activism in Election Years and Beyond” and “Blogging for ‘The Man’” (2009)
United Methodist Women’s Division Legislative Event: Media Training on letters to the editor, op-eds and letters to elected officials (2009)
Chicago Feminisms: Past, Present and Future: Roundtable “Work & Family: The Final Feminist Frontier?” Oakton Community College Gender and Women’s Studies Conference. (2009)
Feminism 2.0 Conference: Plenary panel speaker and two workshops (all invited) (2009)
Roe vs. The Real World: Emcee. An evening of Spoken word and Conversation about women's unequal access to reproductive health care services (2009)

Women, Action and Media (WAM!): Panel “Feminist Blogging: Activism, Journalism or Masochism? (2008)
National Organization for Women Conference: Workshops "It's (Not) Just a Lesbian Thing", "Winning the Battle One State at a Time: Reproductive Rights and the States" and "Mothers Matter, Caregivers Count" (2006)
Abortion Speak Out: Emcee. Real women tell their stories of abortion. (2006)
National Organization for Women Conference: Workshop "Equity in Education: Counteracting Threats to Title IX." Veronica Arreola, Natalia Averett, Jan Erickson, Linda Joplin, Sue Klein, Eleanor Smeal. (2005)

If you wish to book me for an event, please contact me with details at veronica(dot)arreola(at)gmail(dot)com

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