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Jeanine & Rolando

Reposted from my old blog... Even as a child I watched the news and followed some things as closely as possible. Certain things stick out in my head. Obvious ones like the Challenger explosion, but less obvious ones like Jeanine Nicarico's murder. Maybe it was because we were close in age. In 1983, she was 10 and I was 8. Maybe it was all the media hype around it. Maybe my mom said something about it. I'm sure she did, I just don't recall what. But her murder left a deep impression on me. I've blogged many times that my introduction to grassroots organizing came from Amnesty International. It was in that classroom that I also learned more about the death penalty and how unjust it had been doled out in this country. I went to a AI student conference that talked about all the stats on how racist and classist it was. Then someone talked about Rolando Cruz . All the evidence made sense to a 15-year-old. That Cruz had been framed by over eager (with justification) prosecut