Hay Libros en la Casa

Born from the Latina mom adage, "Hay comida en la casa" or "There's food at home," I came up with "Hay libros en la casa" or "There are books at home." As a bookworm there are often times I am in my favorite bookstore looking for something to bring home and I have to tell myself that there are plenty of books at home. I worked with a designer to come up with the image for t-shirts and tote bags in the fall of 2020. I now have stickers & pins with the design! Due to this being a super tiny business, I'm asking for people to fill out a Google form with their order then send me funds via PayPal or Venmo. As of now, all orders are restricted to the USA.

Hay libros en la casa soft enamel pin.

dimensions: 1.75" x 0.80"
double pin backing



Hay libros en la casa acrylic pin
dimensions: 1.56" x 0.75"  


Die Cut sticker.
dimensions: 3" x 1.45"



Rounded corner sticker
dimensions: 2" x 1.24"

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