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Dear Orgs who want to blog

The last few years blogging has exploded to the point where everyone wants one or rather everyone thinks they need one. Yes, email is for old people, but it is still a great way to communicate. Yes, blogging is fun, fluid, but takes up a lot of time. It can also be a fabulous way to get your message out to people who aren't on your mailing list.

That said, before you launch a new blog, please try to consult with an expert. Yes, I am considering myself one of them. Despite not having a huge following myself, I have been around long enough to give you some great pointers for your newborn blog. And if you're a friend, I'll even do it for free. If you're not, I'm pretty darn inexpensive. Ask Planned Parenthood. If you're a feminist org that I am in love with, we can chat. If you're a conservative group, I'm $200/hour plus travel expenses. See...I'll still work for ya, but I know you have money.

It just saddens me to see blogs started by awesome orgs who should be using blogs only fail to say, name their blog or have it look nice on every platform.

It's really not that hard to learn, it just takes time. Please, let me save you that time and get your rocking from day one.

Your BFF,

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Dani L said…
Great advice - especially for a novice blogger. Although I think $200 per hour for conservative buddies is too low. They would charge at least $500 to fleece the public.

And now back to my humble blog - simply to share recipes and news with friends and family...


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