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07 April 2008

Latina elected as Prez of Women's Sports Foundation

Congratulations to Jessica Mendoza for being elected President of the Women's Sports Foundation! As a former softball player (JV in high school) I was super excited to hear the news. Then when I heard "Mendoza" I was all, "A Latina? Fuck yeah!" According to Wiki, she's Mexican-American like me...so we're probably cousins. haha!

Jessica is on the US Olympic team for Beijing. While I loathe that the games are in China, I'll be rooting for the softball team...Especially since softball was cut from the 2012 games. Lisa Fernandez, another amazing Latina and 3-time Olympic Gold medalist , has a page on her website on how we can keep the pressure on the IOC to include softball in the Olympics. Check it out. They are hoping for a return during the 2016 games.

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BAC said...

This is great news!!



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