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Hey Hey! I'm 35!

The thing about my birthday falling between Christmas and New Year's is that I get all my "looking back" done in one part of the year. Althou I do have to say that I also reflect in August when it's the kid's birthday. But for me, this is the time of the year when I get all my "what the hell just happened?" out of my system.

So what did just happen?

A whole hell of a lot! That's what!

* Two op-eds published at the Guardian
* One op-ed on
* An article at RH Reality Check
* Featured in a Ms. magazine cover story
* Been cited/quoted in many news pieces on feminism, women in science, parenting, politics, Michelle Obama and time management* 
* Named, along with my husband, to the Chicago Latino List
* I guest blogged at Bitch Magazine
* I interviewed Anne Elizabeth Moore for Bitch
* I spoke on panel after panel on topics covering women in science, feminism & motherhood, Latinas & education & feminism, political mom blogging, blogging, feminism & blogging, Chicago politics, racism in marketing to mom bloggers and the changing media landscape (aka feminism & media)
* I gave an awful keynote -- It was a good learning moment
* I traveled to Tampa, Atlanta, NYC, DC, Boston and Indianapolis

Hot damn I'm tired! Maybe I should listen to all the marketing and PR people who keep saying that we need to find one niche and stick with it. NOT!

I like being able to speak about many different topics because I truly do believe most of them are linked. I love talking about why this topic is an issue for this group and vice versa.

So what's next for me? Hell if I know.

I work for a state institution, so that ride will be bumpy. But the work I do keeps getting recognized by people, so I'm taking that as a good sign.

As for my writing, I joined Chicagonista in November and I look forward to bringing my feministy ways to a new community. I am also going to be contributing to in the new year. I was asked to join an uber-blog for a short term project, but it just didn't pay enough for the amount of work that it would add to my life. Looking at it by itself, it wasn't a lot of work, but adding to my workload was just too much. I do hope to be able to join them later on.

That said, I do plan on finally submitting my application to a PhD program for the fall. And if that does happen and I get in plan to see less writing from me around here. Or rather out there. I might only have time to document my experience as a PhD student, mom, wife & full-time worker. Yes, I don't plan to reduce work at the day job when I start a PhD program. I'll reduce my freelance work. But that's still in the future...

My one goal for 2010, for age 35, is to schedule a massage or manicure once a month. I need to take time for myself and just do nothing.

So here's to 2010 and all the fabulous and challenging things she holds for you & me. I got your back if you have mine.

* If you do read that one, know that I wasn't lying as much as the journalist caught me in a moment when I was trying to make some big life changes. I think I've tried most of them - Haven't put most of those goals in full motion, but slowly...


Anonymous said…
Happy birthday/new year! That's quite a list of accomplishments. Loved the Red Hat list, by the way.

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