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Book Review: My Little Red Book *GIVEAWAY*

My Little Red Book by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff is a cute book about first periods. It's not scholarly but nor is it a "Hey, you got your period? AWESOME!" book either. It's nicely in the middle.

I'm fairly certain that I would have killed for this book as I was awaiting the arrival of my period many, many, MANY moons ago. I know I sent away for one of those books that you could request from a tampon box. But the information was still just as technical as my medical encyclopedia. I wasn't one of those lucky gals who got to flip thru her mom's worn copy of Our Bodies Ourselves either. 

While my daughter will get to flip thru at least two copies of OBOS, have easy access to feminist health providers and well, I'm her mom, I'm so keeping this book on the bookshelf in the living room. I've already told the kid that within the next year, all the books in the living room will be free for the taking. No questions asked, grab one, read it. I'm keeping the more mature issue books in my home office. The stories in MLRB are funny, sad and sometimes both. Stories from women who experienced their first period decades ago and some young women who had theirs just a few years ago. So get yourself a copy!

And the fun part! GIVE-A-WAY!! You get a period book...You...and YOU!

Actually, the first ten people to comment here gets a copy for themselves. Just leave your email in your comment! It's that easy. No need to tell your tale...unless you want. Sorry...Only US and Canada addresses and NO PO Boxes. You'll be contacted by the book folks, so I won't get your info.

Want to buy your own copy? Send one to a young woman in your life? Please buy your copy at an indie bookstore or

Disclaimer: The only payment I received was the copy of the book. 


Leia Organa said…
Aww, it's a shame this is only open to US/Canadian residents, this looks like an excellent little book!
Anjali said…
Oooh. I would love a copy of this one! (I've got three daughters. It'll get a lot of use.)
I read this on my kindle and would love a "real" copy to donate to the library where I work in the children's room.
Arwyn said…
Oh yes please! Arwyn at raisingmyboychick dot com

I've written lots about my periods the past year, and knew all the technical info before I got mine, but no one eer TALKED about it, so it's taken AGES for me to get comfy with it (which discomfort is actually WHY I make myself write about it each month; and it's working!).
Anonymous said…
Great to give to my nieces. I also always like to give Our Bodies Ourselves as gifts. Definitely good reference.
I would love to have this book.
Thank you.
Anonymous said…
I would love a copy of this if you don't mind.

tina at
x said…
I'd like one!
Jonnie (JB) said…
This sounds great. I would love a copy

Rebekah said…
hear good things - can't wait to read:)
Ms. Latina said…
Not sure if I'm too late but I would love a copy!

latinaonamission (AT)
Heather said…
Is this the other other "red book?" My daughter and I would love one, not the *&)=%& period Just the book. Heather
amy said…
This looks so good. I would love a copy as well!
amy said…
Ah well - too late! Looks like I'll have to buy one! And forgot my email too! amy at chicagodoula dot net

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