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About Viva la Feminista

Viva la Feminista is a blog written by Veronica I. Arreola, who is trying to navigate and understand the intersection between feminism, motherhood and her Latinadad.

Veronica is a respected member of the Chicago and national feminist community having worked with organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Women Employed and the National Organization for Women. She lives in Chicago with her partner of over 20 years (married for 15, don't freak at the math!), their school-age daughter and rescue dogs.

By day Veronica works at a Chicago university as the assistant director of a women's research center where she directs its women in science and engineering program. In 2007, her peers recognized her work on and off campus by naming her as Woman of the Year. It still takes Veronica's breath away to say that.

Veronica began blogging waaaay back in the stone ages of blogging - late 2000 - to address her horrible case of post-election depression. In 2001, her Pro-choice Webring was featured a Village Voice story about how pro-choice activists were turning to the internet to organize against the Bush Administration. Veronica's former blog was one of the first to be written by a Latina about feminism. Since then she has contributed to a number of blogs including Chicago Parent, Chicago Moms Blog and currently Girl w/Pen (check the header for all current blogs). Viva la Feminista was born in 2007 as Veronica began to write professionally and decided she needed a new blog too. Veronica is a frequent speaker on many things feminist.

About Reviews

I review mostly books, but am open to products, food, movies, music and live shows.  Below you can read my guidelines for products and books.

I will always let my readers know if you pitch me something to review.


  1. Don't expect a positive review. If your book doesn't connect with me, I'll say so.  
  2. I consider myself an expert on women in science studies, a lover of feminist science fiction, and a seeker of feminist and/or cute children's books. I also love biographies, Latina-centric and thinking mama-lit books. Essentially, anything feminist is fair game.
  3. I don't want to try reviewing self-help books. I still haven't read Gloria Steinem's self-help book and it's on my book shelf.
  4. I get more pitches than I can respond to, so if I am interested in your book, I will respond as soon as I can. I love that so many authors and publishers are reaching out to me and other book bloggers, so I am sorry that more often than not, a non-response from me means I'm not interested. I'm sure you understand.
  • I usually don't publicize any product without testing it out first. Yes, even products that give a portion to charity;
  • I do not promise a positive review by accepting your product for review;
  • I will not slam your product on this blog unless I feel like not saying something would be harmful;
  • I don't review products for: diet/weight loss, sex or anything that promises to make me or my readers younger;
  • If you want me to plug your event, it should be something that relates to this blog;
  • If you want me to plug your travel event, I won't...unless you're offering a free trip so I can write a review.
  • If you want me to plug anything that costs my readers anything, you do need to offer me a sample to review it - home goods, music, travel, training, etc. I don't want to endorse anything that I can't hold, touch and test out.
I'm not out to fund my lavish lifestyle with review products. I'm actually quite a brand-loyal person, so living product to product isn't part of my plan. But if your product makes sense for my blog, I'll consider it. Remember, I'm a hippie-chick-wannabe, don't eat red meat, trying to be more green and do try to pay attention to what companies do - I see endorsements as a reflection of myself, thus if your product is from a company that really sucks, I won't do it. That said, I have made mistakes in the past.

So if you think your product/event is right for this blog, do drop me a line! I especially love to promote indie-made items.

Please note that due to the level of pitches I receive on a daily basis, I cannot reply to all of them. If I am interested in your information, I will contact you.

Thanks for your understanding.

To reach me, please send an email to veronica[dot]arreola @ gmail.com. Please do NOT send email to my work address. They're very cool about things, but I do work for the state and do not want to get email for this blog at work. Thank you so much!  

Feedback about my reviews:

"What a fantastic review!  I mean that, it's exactly what I look for from  internet reviewers who aren't constrained by corporate interests.  (bad  review or good).  Your opinions and those of your commenters are strong and  passionate, which is the truth surrounding this issue. And I'm glad the book has, and is, receiving your scrutiny. I do look forward to working with you again, thanks Veronica!"

Tony Viardo / BlueDot Literary, LLC

"Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music, by Marisa Meltzer, has been on my Wishlist ever since Veronica of Viva la Feminista reviewed it earlier this year."

Florinda / 3R's Blog


This blog is my personal blog and is not reflective of my employer or what I do for them.
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