About Viva la Feminista

Viva la Feminista is a blog written by Veronica I. Arreola, who is trying to navigate and understand the intersection between feminism, motherhood and her Latinadad.

Veronica is a respected member of the Chicago and national feminist community having worked with organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Women Employed and the National Organization for Women. She lives in Chicago with her partner of over 20 years. 

By day Veronica works at a Chicago university.

Veronica began blogging waaaay back in the stone ages of blogging - late 2000 - to address her horrible case of post-election depression. In 2001, her Pro-choice Webring was featured a Village Voice story about how pro-choice activists were turning to the internet to organize against the Bush Administration. Veronica's former blog was one of the first to be written by a Latina about feminism. Since then she has contributed to a number of blogs. Viva la Feminista was born in 2007 as Veronica began to write professionally and decided she needed a new blog too. Veronica is a frequent speaker on many things feminist.

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