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The Sleep-in for Women's Lives

From my old blog...on honor of the 10th anniversary of the March. Well if Ella had cooperated, I would have partaken in what I'm sure most of my feminist sisters are doing this morning. So, ready for the low-down? Fasten your seat belts, grab a mocha, and let's dive right in. Saturday Cinnamon & I hit Chicago Midway with a vengence. We used the new express check-in at Southwest and headed right to our gate. There we found a few other women on their way to DC for the March, another girfriend of mine was also on our flight with her husband and twin 2-year-old daughters. The twins were FAB on the flight. And they were cute to boot. After a very funny flight into BWI we went in search for Rachel. I've never seen a picture of her & I suddenly realized I didn't have her phone number! I knew I had given her mine, but where was she? I should have trusted my gut cause she was the cute girl in the sandels. The three of us chatted it up like old friends a