The Sleep-in for Women's Lives

From my old blog...on honor of the 10th anniversary of the March.

Well if Ella had cooperated, I would have partaken in what I'm sure most of my feminist sisters are doing this morning.

So, ready for the low-down? Fasten your seat belts, grab a mocha, and let's dive right in.

Cinnamon & I hit Chicago Midway with a vengence. We used the new express check-in at Southwest and headed right to our gate. There we found a few other women on their way to DC for the March, another girfriend of mine was also on our flight with her husband and twin 2-year-old daughters. The twins were FAB on the flight. And they were cute to boot. After a very funny flight into BWI we went in search for Rachel. I've never seen a picture of her & I suddenly realized I didn't have her phone number! I knew I had given her mine, but where was she? I should have trusted my gut cause she was the cute girl in the sandels. The three of us chatted it up like old friends all the way into DC and then over lunch. I was bound & determined to have crab cakes while in town & I knew that Sunday wasn't going to be the day. So I had some yummy crabcakes - fried as I was advised by Miss Rachel.

After we got back to the hotel Jennifer, the media critic, was waiting for us in the lobby. Apparently she checked in and was given the key to the wrong hotel room! The room 2 doors down also had a Cooper in it...because there's only one Cooper in the world, right? *sigh* Anywho Rachel & Jenn got to meet and then Rachel took off.

That left the three of us to find the right room - only thing is that it wasn't ready yet. I guess that's what happens when a million feminists check in at the same time. *shrug* So we headed out to DuPont Circle where Planned Parenthod was having a mini-rally. Families & friends were sitting out enjoying the warm day and checking out the info booths. We all left our mark at the "I'm Marching Because..." exhibit. (pictures soon!) We finally got back to the hotel, where the manager (?) knew us by sight by now. We got in our rooms and wanted to crash. But there was work to be done!

So I took Cinnamon & I headed out the NOW Offices where I had emailed them that I'd be into DC in the pm to volunteer. Well I got lost and when I called to get directions I was told no more volunteering for the day. *phooey* So we called up House9, who we knew was coming in soon. Well what do you know? She was in the car with April! She told us what hotel to meet them at, April's hotel. Cinnamon & I jumped in a more trying to figure out the wackiness of DC for us! We got to the hotel and who did we see in the veranda drinking a beer? ANI DIFRANCO.

I'll freely admit that while I think she's kewl and I love a few of her songs, I'm not an Ani-phile. Cinnamon is. So we watched with our mouths dropped as she walked by us. Then we sat in the lobby to wait for April & House9 to arrive. She got up again & was walking right towards us...again. I mustered all my strength and went up to her and thanked her for being at the March. Can I say that she won me over? She was so sweet to us. I know she saw us looking like dorks earlier, but she sweetly said thanks and moved on. Can I also add that she is freakin' cute! Damn!

So April & House9 arrive a few minutes later. As we're making House9 jealous who walks in? Liza fucking Minelli. With her lil dog. She looks soooo much better in person than on TV. She's also much smaller than I had imagined and less fake. I didn't have the courage to walk up to the diva and say hi. I'm not *that* kewl people.

Anywho, we go up to April's pimped out room to chat before they headed over to the punk show. I'll let Cinnamon explain the pimpness of the room. *lol* The small gaggle of feminists head for the elevator and this beautiful woman walks into it with us. The elevator is silent. The woman's male friend says, "Why is it so quiet?" I chirp up, "Ms. Gless?" Fuck yeah...Sharon Gless is shaking my hand. At least I think I offered my hand...shit! Now I can't recall. So Miss April stayed at the pimp hotel with the A-listers. Damn...I knew she was super kewl, but damn...

Cinnamon & I leave the A-list bloggers to the punk show and head back to the hotel to find Jenn for dinner. We have a great time chatting and those two got to know each other after hearing me rave about them to each other for years. Kat finally got in and found us. The four of us were too much! I won't even try to replicate our conversations but to say we covered red "come fuck me" boots to how we weren't the young feminists anymore. After dinner Kat, Cinnamon & I headed to the Armory to catch that last hour of fun.

By the time we got there is was pretty empty. It was nice thou...I got to see a few friends on the way there cause they were walking towards us. *That's* the secret to finding your friends in a crowd. We got inside and shopped away at the info booths for buttons, t-shirts, and information. We ran into Ms. Musings herself and she kindly offered us a ride back to BWI after the march. Yeah! After getting kicked out of the Armory we headed home. We were tired, but desperate for a martini. What won? The bed. We really aren't the young feminists anymore. *lol*


See Cinnamon's blog for Sunday's story. She did a great job at recapping everything.

I'll add in that we met Christine at the same Metro stop that Cinnamon & I ended up at the last time we were in DC together. That time we were meeting a shuttle and it was pouring rain. Yesterday we sat on a bench and kept saying, "That Home Depot looks really familiar..."