Biggest shock of Blogher 2007

...was that out of all the gazillion Presidential candidates only two bothered to send any representation.

Elizabeth Edwards (who should be running for something!) gave the closing plenary on Saturday. She was eloquent, sincere, and had a great knack at turning a negative question into a positive one, at least for John.

Hillary Clinton sent a representative, whom I've now seen at 2-3 conferences, who spoke at a few sessions including the one that talked about Hillary and how women voters see her.

NONE of the GOP candidates came out and especially odd was that my own senator, Barak Obama, was no where to be seen. Dude, you live down the street!

So what does this tell me? What should be read from this? That the largest blogger conference happened in Chicago and only two candidates showed. One look at this weekend's YearlyKos speaker list shows at least six Democratic candidates. Considering it's a progressive con, you don't expect the GOP to show up. But Blogher is evenly divided between conservative & liberal. Which we were reminded of many times!

I agree Yikes! Who does value women voters?

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