Friday - Breakout #1

"Art of Life: Finding and Following Your Passion"

So far most of the audience questions are from women who seem new to blogging and are trying to find their niche/voice. I think I know my niche. Why am I here then? I'm struggling with my online voice, specifically on how to balance RL and BL. After 7 yeas of blogging you'd think I would have figured it out. Problem is that for 6 of those years I could count all my readers on both my hands. Now I have way more readers than I know what to do with.

Part of what I started blogging for is to improve my writing. Not so much the technical parts (spelling/grammar), but the feel of my writing. I need to figure out the next step in all this insanity.

A 72yo blogger is speaking right now. She's so kick ass. do you set up your blog as a one show pony or a junk drawer as a punk mama just described her blog? I'm a fan of the junk drawer blog because my mind is not a one track mind. My overarching theme is feminism, but it might be about parenting, TV, shopping, or the elections. If I were to stick to one area I'd suffocate.

Great point about multiple safe and your 'real' blog. ha! This is my family safe blog. *snicker*

Question asked: What's the most unexpected thing that has come from blogging?

For me it would have to be all the friendships that have blossomed. And these gigs at Chicago Parent & Chicago Moms Blog. I won't be ashamed at being a mommy blogger. Maybe because I started blogging before I became a mom, but still, being a mom is part of my life.

Great session!