Friday - Breakout #4

"The State of the Momosphere"

And we're off...This session came from mommy bloggers requesting it. There was a lot of discussion afterwards if mommy bloggers mattered. Well course we do and now we're here!

What does it mean to identify as a mommy blogger? What makes a mommy blogger? What does it mean now that advertisers want to reach us? Do we change? What do mommy bloggers want?


  • Finding a shared story; community; finding others who are going thru the same experience (post-partum, etc.)
  • Support and advice community
  • Started as a journal
  • It's unpolitical in that negative interaction, people playing politics, even thou there are shifting nodes, groups, and communities, a social & normal part of the community
  • Much more like a salon or cocktail party
  • It is very much like high school to people who are being left out
  • Is there active exclusion?
  • Is not being on a blogroll an act of exclusion? What do you do when you need to remove someone?
  • Are we mommy bloggers or bloggers who are mothers? Does it matter? Does it change the level of respect we get from non-parent bloggers? Does it change if you weren't a parent when we started blogging?
  • Is there a momosphere ghetto or a mommy ghetto?
  • Is there power in calling yourself a mommy blogger?
  • Is the audience for mommy bloggers limited to babies & toddlers? to another session! If I can get out of the room.


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