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18 July 2007

New Category: Puke Pile

The Puke Pile will be for any media item that makes me want to puke. Pretty simple, eh? And what's the first thing that makes me want to puke on this shiny new blog?

This post on Blogher:
Are you sick of working moms at your office who have flexible schedules and dump the extra workload on their childless co-workers? National talk show looking for outspoken women who are fed up and willing to talk about it.
Nice way to feed the monster. I know it's not up to me, but why can't us women have ONE place where we can NOT fight with each other or have posts like this that make us want to fight with each other?

What about this call:
Are you sick of working 60 hours a week? Have you forgotten what your dog looks like? National talk show looking for women, men, mothers, fathers, anyone who is tired of the way corporate America treats its workers.
Now that's a show I'd pay to see.



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