Saturday - Breakout #7

"Patriots Act: How to turn Your Blog into a GOtV Machine"

Put voter registration buttons/links on your blog

get your local media contacts

Get offline and interact with people

Should have an email list of people who can help you with an issue. This will help you find a pattern of who knows who.

Don't let my lack of blogging mean that this session isn't good. Partly I'm finally feeling tired and partly I'm just pretty amazed by the panel. OK...I'm really tired.

A lot of mainstream organizations fear blogging only because they don't see how blogging can turn bodies out into the street (2006 Immigration marches & 2004 March for Women's Lives).

Keep in mind that a lot of the political campaigns are run by young people, mostly men, and often child free, so...they don't have a full range of experiences to impact the campaign. Believe in your experience and communicate it to the campaigns. And bring 10 of your friends to make a larger statement.

All politics are local.

Why aren't there more GOP women bloggers? Are they afraid of being labeled crazy-AnnCoulter-loving-women? A participant expressed a hope that more GOP women will be courageous to come out and blog. Liza Sabater responded that she believes they are out there, but are being ignored by being labeled "mommy bloggers."

Some campaigns have started reading the blogs and trying to find a theme and maybe incorporate them.

"Listening" online - Use your keywords, it helps you see how people are finding you and how they are receiving you.

Power of personal. Don't speak to any party, speak to your beliefs.

We are are the most credible source of information for women. We have a tremendous amount of power, so we better use it.

Widgets: Google calendar, Feedblitz, Upcoming (via Yahoo!)

We are not individual bloggers, we are nodes in a large network.

Don't underestimate the power of MySpace and Facebook.

Get an event tool, mailing list, etc. Don't fret too much about which one, just get one.