Where are????

A few years ago the big question was where are the women bloggers. And honestly, we still ask that, especially in niche communities and the lack of women A-list bloggers.

I just finished listening to a great podcast by Motherhood Uncensored about blogging parents of color. The whole piece is about parents, mostly mothers, of color, where are they, who are they, and why the hell marketers aren't throwing freebies at our feet?

Thankfully I've been hooked into a few marketing networks and I feel like I'm getting enough freebies to review, at least as many as I can handle. But seriously, I'm not flooded with requests. Since Blogher I've found many a mommy blog that seem to be nothing but product reviews! Oh, my, goddess, but some bloggers are swimming in free shit.

But back to the real topic. When I do think about the other mommy bloggers I read, they are mostly not women of color. Does it matter? I'd say yes. Why? Because I see more and more that race is playing a part of our parenting decisions as our daughter gets older. I've thought and had others remark that we should be 'good' when applying to schools this fall since we get to check the "hispanic" box. Then again, the school we really want her to attend is pretty well full of Latin@s. Our last names give it away as well, so no use in not checking the box either!

I have more thoughts, but I think I'll work on them a bit more. Just wanted to let you all know about this podcast and my initial thoughts.

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