Are candidate spouses an insult?

Last week the Silicon Valley Moms Blog, sister blog to Chicago Moms Blog, got a lot of press due to one post where Rebecca called out Elizabeth Edwards for pulling the kids out of school to live on the campaign bus. Elizabeth Edwards ended up commenting back on the post (!) and the post got linked all over the blogosphere. Then came Good Morning America's snippet on the throw down. Rebecca turned down GMA's invitation to appear on the show and did state on the SVMB that she post was snarky, but tongue-in-cheek. Now on the CMB, Kim has posted an open invitation to Senator Obama and the Mrs. to meet with the CMB bloggers.

I was discussing the idea of meeting with Michelle Obama with some fellow bloggers and some thought that the idea of meeting with the spouse was kinda an insult. I advocate that the First Lady/Man holds a lot of power that is unspoken.

Hillary really brought this to light with her health care plans and Laura made the biggest impact by using her mantle to get us into a war. Oh, you don't remember that? Back in 2001 soon after the terrorist attacks, Laura went on the radio and TV and talked on and on about how the Taliban were bad men and we needed to rescue the women to Afghanistan and oh, yeah, they flew 3 planes into buildings.

Thus, I believe it is imperative that the spouses of the candidates not only be given a place to speak - which they do - but also for us to really listen to them. Elizabeth Edwards has spoken out to support equal marriage. Don't think that John isn't mostly behind that idea. THEN again we also saw Laura talk about how she supports choice during both (?) elections only to see her husband do everything in his power to dismantle Roe v. Wade. Ah, the old bait & switch.

Either way I do believe that what the candidate's spouse tells us is worth listening to and inviting them to sit down for a cuppa joe.

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