In my former life

I was a marine biologist. At least that's what I'd like to think.

I spent my sophomore thru senior years of college in the basement of the Field Museum filming fish as they swam. I went to Bermuda for field work, published a paper, presented at a few conferences. Then I failed to get into grad school (long gory story best told over booze). It was a lot of fun and I miss it..a lot. But I'm living a good life and doing some awesome work.

I love reading news about my former mentor and all the kick ass stuff him & his buddies still do. Today Discovery News reports that moray eels have TWO sets of jaws to eat with. The x-ray photo alone is kick ass. And of course, that makes Rita Mehta a kick ass scientist.
See!! I tell ya, science is awesome. So make sure you have your kids study it.

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