7 Things

Marcie tagged me for the 7 Things You Don't Know About Me meme, so here I go!

First, it might seem strange to some that I'm being tagged by a woman who is an adoptive mom. Don't adoption & abortion go against each other? Nope. Being a reproductive justice activist (IOW very pro-choice), I firmly believe in adoption. But the decision is up to each woman. Marcie knows it better than I, as she is involved in the adoption community more than me, that choice plays a huge part in adoption. "I know there are children out there who suffer way too much because their birth mothers did not treat their bodies well during pregnancy." Can we really believe that a woman forced to carry a pregnancy to term would do her best to care for her body? Marcie also asks, "I understand that it is a personal decision that has nothing to do with adoption…or does it have everything to do with adoption?" And of course, I think it has everything to do with adoption. Planned Parenthood Chicago Area has a great relationship with the Cradle.

Two: This type of meme is pretty hard for me since I've been pretty open in my blogging past.

Three: My partner & I are doing an excellent job at training our daughter to love 80s music. Since we play it a lot, she knows the words. Today we sang a duet of Wham! while I was making dinner.

Four: I have counter protested anti-choicers when I was 8 months pregnant. They really didn't like that.

Five: I had planned to go to every 'crisis pregnancy clinic' in Chicago when I first got pregnant so I could listen to all their lies & collect tiny fetus dolls. Alas, I was talked out of it by my partner.

Six: I thought about selling my eggs in college then realized that I wouldn't get top dollar for them because I'm not white, blue-eyed, or blonde. If I can't get top dollar, then you ain't getting 'em.

Seven: I admire adoptive & first parents sooooo much! I don't believe that I have the courage to not raise a child I carried. Yes, I'd rather abort. Selfish? Yes. Sane? Perhaps. I've read a bit about first mothers who can't go forward with life and get stuck mentally. That said, I really admire how adoptive parents juggle all the challenges with their child as well with the rest of society. (Where did you get him? But you're white and she's black!) As for us adopting...we've talked about it. But I believe that we're good with just one child. Thankfully with adoption, there isn't much of a biological clock!

There, you now know a bit more about me.

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