Gifted School visit

Last week my partner in crime went to an Open House for Gifted School A. He's a mighty tough customer, so when the principal didn't introduce themselves off the bat, the school took a hit. In the end, he stayed way past the publicized end time to take in all the school had to offer.

The problem with gifted schools is that there aren't too many of them. This one is neither close to home or work. But in the end, I think it will be ok. The commute will change...Mostly that my partner won't be driving with us, but rather relying on the mess that is public trans in Chicago. Which next week is losing transit and authority.

OK, grumpy old lady moment...BUT when I was a kid, we had gifted programs integrated into our neighborhood schools. Are there that few gifted kids in Chicago that we need to house them in separate quarters? Are saving that much money? Are we pushing them that hard?

Now to visit the other 2 gifted/Classical schools on our preferred list so we can rank them on our daughter's application. Then we can mail it in, and then she can get tested.

Next up? Getting all the magnet school applications in order!

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