Happy Samhain

I had planned on writing up a big old post on being a Goddess worshiper and Halloween in response to Pickel's post a few days ago about the Wiccan who lives down her street. But why should you read my piddley post when I can point you to my High Priestess, Starhawk? In reality, I just love her and she wouldn't know me on the street. Considering that I'm not in a coven or anything, I'm a pretty lame pagan to boot. But read Starhawk's piece on this New Year's:

Ghosts and goblins, witches on broomsticks, pumpkins, candy and spiderwebs…it’s that time of year again. Halloween—probably every child’s favorite holiday, combining the irresistible attractions of dressing up in costume and eating candy.

But there’s a deeper spiritual meaning that underlies the holiday for Pagans and real Witches—those who follow earth-based Goddess traditions that predate Christianity. As we (in the northern hemisphere) move into the time of cold and the dark of winter, we celebrate our New Year, and honor both death and regeneration.

I'm still working on accepting the whole life cycle thing in regards to death, but I'm getting there.

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