Mommy Bloggers on Dumbledore

A few of my fellow Chicago Moms Bloggers were quoted in a story on Dumbledore's outing. We'll discuss the ethics of outing later. *wink*

Robin Moyher, who writes for the Chicago Mom's Blog, said that her son was not at all upset about the wizard's sexuality.

"So what? It's a fact of life," Moyher's 9-year-old son said upon hearing the news.

Love it!

"I think my kids would find it more captivating to discuss a character's magical power than a character being gay," said Devra Renner, author of "Mommy Guilt" and a contributor to the Chicago Mom's Blog. "Being gay isn't much of a mystery to my kids, as we've had ongoing discussions about families, those with two parents, one parent, adopted, etc. My kids know gay people. Magical people? Not so much."

Yes, my most favorite line is in bold.

Meredith Sinclair, who said that her 10-year-old is "obsessed" with the series, said she was not happy that Rowling has essentially forced her to talk to her son about sexuality.

"It has nothing to do with the feelings about being gay, or homophobia, or whether I accept it or not," said Sinclair, another contributor to the Chicago Mom's Blog. "What I'm upset about is that I feel like this author has such power ... and she's using that power to force parents to talk to their kids about [homosexuality] before they're really ready."

"It's kind of like the sex talk — I want the control to talk about it when I'm ready, and when my son's ready," said Sinclair, who explained that she and her husband would likely have a sit-down talk with their son so that he won't get misinformed by friends at school.

I adore Meredith, really. But I'm not in agreement. The more out gay & lesbian people are, the earlier we need to address it to our kids. Then again, my daughter has one super cute gay couple in her life. She sees them no different than the hetero-couples in our lives. She does know that they can't have a baby...Thanks Tango. But she knows they love each other. And isn't that all they need to know? Well at 4 anyway. I'm sure her 10yo already has some idea about being gay as it is thrown around playgrounds all the time. Hopefully Meredith has a good conversation with him about it all.

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