The gifts that keep on giving!

Don't know what to get that special someone in your life for the holidays?

Are you a flaming feminist?

100% pro-choice?

Then shop at Early to Bed this holiday season!

They have some special gifts sets that will make someone's night/day/afternoon AND a portion of the purchase price goes to kick ass organizations like the Chicago Abortion Fund, Planned Parenthood, Chicago Women's Health Center, and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Now, I didn't think there was such a thing as a perfect gift, but come on, what's not to like in these offers?

So hurry over to Early to Bed and grab yourself a gift box AND get your holiday giving done too. BAM! It just keeps getting better. Of course, it'll only gets better once the gift is opened!

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Happy Solstice!
Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Kwanzaa!

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