2008 Feminista Resolutions

Britt Bravo at Blogher asks us:

What Are Your 2008 Activist Resolutions?

1. Give more money. I really am horrible at giving money to organizations that I support or even volunteer with. I'm going to put reminders in my Treo to help.

2. Write more. This isn't just because I want to be a better writer, but I really do try to incorporate my feminism into everything I write, thus I feel that my writing is an extension of my activism.

3. Get published more...anywhere. See #2, but getting published somewhere other than this blog means a much wider audience.

4. Say no more often. I say yes far too often and that not only makes my life a mess, but it also means that I don't give my best effort towards whichever action I'm trying to do. Sadly, I think my increase in work responsibilities may mean the end of one of my beloved 'after-school' activities and perhaps a need to pick up another one - that is more work related and local.

5. Be a better advocate. In high school I was one of those kids who shoved my ideas down people's throats. After the backlash, I pulled back...a lot. Now I feel that some days I've inched my way back to shoving ideas down certain people's throats and perhaps not pushing others enough. I know I need to know my audience, but I feel off kilter..a lot.

6. Get to book club. I've been a member of an awesome book club for years and I need to make it a priority to get there each month. The members and the book help me learn more about me, the world, and my feminism.

7. Take care of myself. If I'm sick, no one wins.

OK readers...what about you?

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