I have the best friends EVER!

I sent out a very last minute plea for help last week. The Chicago Abortion Fund has a new leadership program for former grantees and this year I adopted one of our fabulous women for Christmas. In fact I adopted her and her very young daughter. Thus I opened up my contacts list and sent an email to a small group of women in Chicago who I thought might donate a gift card or two for a woman struggling to make a life for her and her daughter.

I now am temporary owner of 2 big shopping bags (GAP and Ann Taylor Loft), one laundry basket, and one large bankers box of goodies for this woman and her daughter. I was planning on delivering all this to our office tonight, but egads, I'm not Santa! Thus she'll get one bag of goodies (mostly for her daughter) tonight and I'll have to arrange to bring by the other things.

I am honestly completely and totally floored that my friends reacted so quickly and generously. Not that I didn't think they'd come through, but I really emailed them at the last minute. One even emailed to say she wishes she could, but the budget was too tight.

Thank you everyone.