Upcoming Events - Book Tour & Conference

Wednesday, December 19th this will be just one of the many stops on the Piper Reed Book Blog Tour:

It’s not easy being the middle child, especially when your dad is a Navy Chief. Meet Piper Reed, a spunky nine-year-old who has moved more times than she can count on one hand. From Texas to Guam, wherever Piper goes, adventure follows, inspired by her active imagination, free-wheeling spirit, and a bit of sister magic.
Unlike her older sister, Piper loves being part of a Navy family, and unlike her younger sister, Piper is no prodigy genius. Piper is Piper–fearless and full of life!

I'll be posting my review of the book along with some Q & A with author Kimberly Willis Holt. If you leave a comment in this post or Wednesday's post, that will enter you into a drawing for a free copy of this book. And without giving away too much, you'll want this book!

March 28-30, 2008 I'll be presenting at WAM! OMG, I got invited to the big girls table! ;-) I'll be presenting on this panel:
Feminist Blogs: Activism, Journalism or Masochism?
Jennifer Pozner, ME, Deanna Zandt, Liza Sabater
Oh yeah...I'm rockin' it. I'm on a panel with Deanna & Liza! I'll try not to act like a fan-girl in front of them. Jenn...hey, she's slept on my couch...ok I'm still an uber-fan-girl of hers too. Next year we're so proposing a panel that starts with A so we're at the top of the list.

That trip will be a tad expensive and while I'll be doing it with half-a-Chicago Abortion Fund-cap on, I may put a tip jar on here after the new year. So save your Solstice cash for me!

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