Back to the issues: Reproductive Health

I've had this burning question in the back of my mind.

Why hasn't Hillary Clinton submitted a completed questionnaire to RHReality Check?

Obama and Edwards did. But instead she sent a statement.

Is there any doubt about her stance on reproductive rights? For me, no. When I tally up all the pros and cons on each candidate, Clinton wins my vote on reproductive rights. And no, it's not because Obama voted present on a few bills in Illinois. It's more in line with the same reason I see a woman as my OB/GYN. I trust women with my girly parts.

So why, why, Hill, didn't you submit your questionnaire?

Edited to add: Ask and you shall receive! Thanks Hill.

I also want to add that you should not take the subject line as my way of saying that race & gender are not issues that our nation needs to deal with. What I find dumb is that we were having a national debate on whether or not LBJ deserved any credit for the civil rights movement, if even mentioning LBJ meant that Dr. King received less credit. It was a partnership. Dr. King got the grassroots active, pressured Congress & the White House, and we all got the Civil Rights Act signed. The splitting of hairs is what kept us off the real issues. Let's talk race & gender, but in a productive way. Game on.

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