Close Gitmo Day

January 11, 2008 marks the six-year anniversary of the first
arrival of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay. For nearly six years,
Guantánamo Bay has tarnished America's image and diminished our
ideals. It is a symbol of torture, abuse, and injustice. Its closure
is long overdue.

During those six years men & boys ranging from 13 - 98 have been held at Gitmo. Teenagers and men so old I bet they can't walk without assistance.

It's really hard to participate in this action because when I think that the country I live in & love is holding people without trial because someone said they were dangerous just makes my stomach turn & head hurt. We are a country that is founded on liberty & freedom. We have certain rights that are not restricted to citizens. We have a right to trial, to a lawyer, to being judged by someone who isn't making the laws. But no, that's all stripped away at Gitmo. Judge & jury in one man - Dubya.

He lied to us about weapons of mass destruction, of Iraq's involvement with the terrorist attacks, and yet we still allow him to keep Gitmo open?

It is a huge gaping bloody wound on our country's image and basis for being.

We must close this wound, close Gitmo, to even begin the healing that must begin immediately with ourselves & the countries around the world.

Rallies are scheduled for around the country (not in Chicago unfortunately) so check the ACLU Close Guantanamo site for a listing. Maybe there's one near you.

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