CPS - Building my trust with each botched mailing

Test time:

  1. The deadline to submit one's application to magnet and gifted programs for Fall 2008 for the Chicago Public Schools was December 21, 2007
  2. The CPS school directory showed up at our daycare yesterday
  3. What is wrong with the picture above?
When I saw them as we headed into pick-up, I turned to my husband and said, "I am so blogging this!"

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Jill Wohl said...

I agree it's unfortunate how complicated the CPS system seems. As an active parent in a magnet school, it frustrates me that unlike most schools, we're trying to get prek apps in time for the lottery.

(PS-some schools may unofficially still accept applications as they have until Jan. 31 to enter them.)

Veronica said...

Thanks, but we did get all our apps in and we used last year's directory to 'guide' us. It's just so frustrating! How hard is it to get the directory out on time?

Ugh...more on our search for a kindergarten to call our own soon.