Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa

I've never had a way with women,
but the hills of Iowa make me wish that I could
And I've never found a way to say "I love you",
but if the chance came by, oh, I, I would
-- Iowa by Dar Williams
I'll admit it. I've never been happier to not live in Iowa than right now. At dinner last night my husband asked me who I would be caucusing for and I had no idea. Us Illinoisans go to the poll in just over a month and I have no idea who I'd vote for.

Just about every group out there that represents the ideals I live by has a ranking of the candidates. I still end up switching the top three candidates in my head every day...sometimes more than a dozen times a day.

With Barak, I just fall in love with the way he talks. His optimism is contagious and despite all the snark and pissiness I showcase each day, I'm an optimist at heart. I want to believe that we can take this country and turn it around.

With John, I fall in love with how he actually talks about poverty, that he talks about New Orleans, and yes, his resemblance, both physically and idea-wise, with Bobby Kennedy. I don't hold the lawyer thing against him because well, all three candidates are lawyers.

With Hillary, well, there is that idea of wanting a woman president. But I want a feminist president and well, she is one, unabashingly so. Yet, she is far too moderate on some issues for me. Then again, I know she'll fight for women's rights to the least I hope she would.

Ugh...I need to hear more, I need to learn more. I need them to combine forces and become one being.

Congrats to Barak for winning Iowa. History has been made and will continue to be made, even after we have a candidate.

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Shari said...

What I like about this election is we have three strong Democratic candidates. I have a favorite, but I feel like I'm picking the best of the best. For most elections, I feel like I'm choosing the lesser of the evils.

Veronica said...

I feel the same way Shari. I think that's why it's so damn hard!

kate.d. said...

you know, in theory i like what barack obama is selling, but in practice, i'm just not buying. i mean, i'll be happy to support him if he's the nominee, but recently i've had to admit to myself how deep my cynicism about the possiblility for change really is in this country. the more the candidates fight over it as a freaking buzzword, the less i believe it's anything more than what it usually is - rhetoric in the service of getting elected.

and even IF obama is 100% sincere (which is possible, but not probable), then i'm afraid for the rude awakening that will meet him in his first term in washington. because regardless of the public mandate for "change," lobbyists and special interested still helped elect most of the congress he'll be working with.

/blatant pessimism