Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa

I've never had a way with women,
but the hills of Iowa make me wish that I could
And I've never found a way to say "I love you",
but if the chance came by, oh, I, I would
-- Iowa by Dar Williams
I'll admit it. I've never been happier to not live in Iowa than right now. At dinner last night my husband asked me who I would be caucusing for and I had no idea. Us Illinoisans go to the poll in just over a month and I have no idea who I'd vote for.

Just about every group out there that represents the ideals I live by has a ranking of the candidates. I still end up switching the top three candidates in my head every day...sometimes more than a dozen times a day.

With Barak, I just fall in love with the way he talks. His optimism is contagious and despite all the snark and pissiness I showcase each day, I'm an optimist at heart. I want to believe that we can take this country and turn it around.

With John, I fall in love with how he actually talks about poverty, that he talks about New Orleans, and yes, his resemblance, both physically and idea-wise, with Bobby Kennedy. I don't hold the lawyer thing against him because well, all three candidates are lawyers.

With Hillary, well, there is that idea of wanting a woman president. But I want a feminist president and well, she is one, unabashingly so. Yet, she is far too moderate on some issues for me. Then again, I know she'll fight for women's rights to the least I hope she would.

Ugh...I need to hear more, I need to learn more. I need them to combine forces and become one being.

Congrats to Barak for winning Iowa. History has been made and will continue to be made, even after we have a candidate.

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