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31 January 2008

New Gig @ WIMN

First forgive the lame post...I'm home sick with some sinus thing. ack.

But I wanted to let my dear readers know that I've been promoted from guest blogger to regular house blogger at the WIMN blog, WIMN's Voices. My first post is all about the identity politics war and touches on the generational war that is brewing in the feminist community over Obama & Clinton.

So hop on over there and read a real post.


r@d@r said...

wow, congrats on the new gig! how many different sites am i going to have to blogroll for you?!? :)

Veronica said...

you're too cute and sweet. I have a list of sites I write for on the sidebar. The work it, mom gig is just every other month starting in Feb, so I'll surely post here when it comes out. One less place to RSS. :)



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