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Two...Two posts in one!

1) Clinton & Change:
HRC has been raked over the coals for her quote from Saturday's debate that she has been working for change for 35 years. Some have taken the stand that someone who has been working for change for 35 years can't be working for too much change. Those people can't possibly be feminists or at least historians. 35 years isn't a very long time. A short list of others who have been working for roughly 35 years for change:
Now are you going to really tell me that these organizations aren't really working for change? I salute HRC for fighting for 35 years for a better world. Has she changed the world? Yes. Does that mean she can't keep fighting for more change? Hell No!

The Boston Globe also notes something about 1972 - No one who has won Iowa has won the Presidency since 1972.

2) oBama & Bloggers:

Chris Suellentrop of the NYTimes thumbs his nose at the "Netroots" for not backing Obama in the first place and spending so much energy attacking Obama. He also notes Obama's snubbing of a lot of the blogosphere. And boy, do I know that! Between Blogher and the Chicago Moms Blog, I've been trying in one fashion or another to get the Obama campaign to respond to mommy bloggers. Hey, if moms were a target audience the last two elections, shouldn't we still? Apparently we're not. But no one seems to be Obama's blogging target this time around. He's using the internet, but it seems in a slightly different way that we all expected. And so far, he's winning.

Of course, it's still early. Obama has delegates from Iowa and perhaps another 22 from New Hampshire. Someone needs 2,026 delegates to win the nomination. I know the media has backtracked from their coronation of Clinton to crown Obama, but I'm waiting until Super Duper Tuesday....Yes, when I get a vote.

(To find out who is supporting Obama, check out my post at Chicago Parent and at Chicago Moms Blog.)

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