The Pressure is on

We're just over one week away from super duper Tuesday...that's when we vote in Illinois. But that's not the reason I'm feeling pressure. It's coming from my husband.

He's in Hillary's camp.

Yup, after a year of complaining that he didn't want to read Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton in our history books, he decided (as I told him!) that Clinton's politics matched his best out of the bunch. But wait, it's not just that he decided to vote for Clinton, but he's gotten himself on one of those leadership boards where you really work to get out the vote and of course, the money.

We're a funny couple. There are elections where I'm out knocking on doors, calling people, and writing checks. Then the next election he might find a candidate and do the same. Yet we have yet to really get behind one candidate as a couple. That's what he wants to happen now. And I mean NOW!

I have, admittedly, been leaning towards Hillary. But I honestly can't get past Obama's idealism. I want to believe that we can get past all our differences!

I made a semi-frantic call to a long-time friend who is in South Carolina working for Hillary. My main concern with HRC is her moderate stance on so many issues and Bill's signing of the welfare reform bill and Hillary's stumping in favor for it at the time. Also, if you recall after Bill was elected feminist activism went down. The Illinois Pro-Choice Alliance broke up. Memberships at NOW and other orgs went down. We thought we had won and let down our guard. What would happen if we elected a feminist woman to President?

Thankfully I know that my friend, Pat, is far more left than I am. She worked on VAWA legislation when it was a joke. She works hard on welfare reform reform. She wrote me back (I followed up my voicemail with an email) and assured me that in her lefty heart, with all her political knowledge, that Hillary will listen to feminists, that we would have a feminist in the White House.

I think I'm almost there.

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