Puke Pile - Holy Smurf-ness!

I was pretty struck by today's news that the Smurfs are 50 years old. Of course, as the 80s kid I am, they've only existed since 1980ish when they came to America. As a girl, I of course identified with Smurfette as the only female.

So when I saw a headline saying that there will be a movie and more female Smurfettes, I was all "woohoo!" Until I read the origins of Smurfette:

Blond-haired Smurfette, originally created by evil sorcerer Gargamel to foster jealous rivalry in the community, has been the single love interest for almost every other Smurf for years.


Off to Good Search! (I GS for WIMN, you should too.) to find the skinny. It was worse than I thought!

Who created Smurfette and why?

One day, while feeling extremely frustrated and spiteful, Gargamel decided on a new plan to exact revenge on the Smurfs, "a ruthless curse that will make them beg for mercy". Gargamel decided to send them a female Smurf - a Smurfette!

How did Papa Smurf get involved?

Papa Smurf is the Smurf who turned everything around for Smurfette. After a successful operation of "plastic smurfery", Papa Smurf transformed the ugly (and unhappy) brunette Smurfette into the blond bombshell she is today.

Someone please pass the smelling salt! Holy mother of all stereotypes! To address this sexist history, head Smurf-creator said:

"There have been dramatic changes in socio-cultural values in the past 20 to 25 years," Hendrik Coysman, head of Smurf rights holder IMPS told a news conference on Monday. "One of these is girl empowerment."
Um, no shit.

wow...if Velma has a similar history, please just don't tell me.

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