Puke Pile: Wife Swap Update

In August I blogged about Wife Swap's longing for a feminist mom to appear on their show. Well, they found one. And people, she's not just a strong feminist, but also a home schooler! The family she's swapping to? One centered around a beauty pageant daughter.

Oh, this should be puke-alicious. Grab a sturdy waste can and don't eat a big dinner if you plan on watching. I won't be. Once I stop dry heaving, I'll write up a bit more on why this episode makes me break out in hives.

H/T Feministing

Update: I ranted about the show in more detail at Chicago Moms Blog. Check it.
Update2: My rant was cross-posted at the WIMN's Voices blog.

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Anonymous said...

i like how they make it the feminist mom vs. the beauty pageant daughter, instead of what it ought to be: her f?!?ed up parents for promoting the conversion of their child into a promotional product.

i'd watch it if i had any hope that the feminist mom would pervert the girl to do something transgressive, like take up kickboxing. and if the beauty pageant girl's parents got the feminist's family to, i don't know, do something funny like play gamecube all day long. not that there aren't a lot of feminists or feminist-friendly families that play gamecube all day long. i figure there are probably a lot. but breaking stereotypes is always fun.

sadly, i predict the same old bullsh?t stereotypes will be put in play for entertainment value, followed up by a nauseating "we've all learned something" roundup at the end. pfaugh.

Anonymous said...

Wow I saw this episode it was horrible! Alicia is an ugly dumbass; she could not spell "America" I don’t care if it was a script I bet most of that show was truth because I don’t know anyone who would be willing subject themselves to looking like jackasses in front of millions. The Guastaferro family values is what is destroying society in teaching our children they need to look a certain way in order to get ahead in life. I'm sorry but that Alicia said she was going to be a dentist, how will she even get into college, her mom cant take the SAT's for her. OH wait I’m sure her parents will bribe someone into letting her into college and this is someone you want to be responsible for possibly working on your teeth! Yeah right! I also hated the way the feminist was portrayed as cutting her kids off from the world. She has the right idea! Children should be home schooled to teach them very strong self confidence in themselves before having to go out into this evil world of self hatred. Children at a very young age learn the made-up difference between girls and boys when their really isn’t any. Maybe if we had a society that told little boys it's okay to express anger in other ways besides punching someone then the world would be a better place or letting girls know that magazines portray an unachievable ideal body that 98% of women DO NOT HAVE.