Thought Exercise on Race & Gender

I've been pretty pissed off the past few days over Bill Clinton's Jesse Jackson remarks and all the other racist remarks that are coming out of the Clinton camp, but not from HRC herself. I know that the media is being super sexist & misogynistic when it comes to HRC. So I kept trying to recall if Obama's supporters have said anything about HRC that would be sexist. First, his comment at the debate about her being likeable enough? That doesn't set off my sexist alarm. My jerk alarm yes, but not the sexist alarm. JJ Jr's questioning if HRC cried over Katrina? Again, more assholery, but not quite sexist. Bordering.

So…do we say that Obama has been leading a sexist-free campaign?

OR do we consider that Obama doesn't have to do anything because the media is doing it all for him?


Why would Obama or any of his supporters need to stoop to that level when Matthews & the rest of the MSM are doing a fine job at the sexism game?

It's a question that can't be answered, but one to ponder. Well, if you're a big political dork/wannabe pundit like me anyway.