54th Carnival of Feminists

The 54th Carnival of Feminists is out and yours truly is in it!

Here are some of my favorite selections from this issue:
  • Penguin Unearthed on identifying as a mother: "This blog does not have any real focus. But if it had one, it would be the intersection of parenting and work - how the world of work should change, and how to make that happen. So maybe that’s why I identified as a mother - it seems obvious to me that I’m in the world of work, but it’s easy for the world of work to forget my life as a mother."
  • Julie Fairey's hilarious look at becoming a mother: "My days and nights used to be mine to command. Now I live at the beck and call of a tyrant, one who insists on using a foreign language that I am slow to learn...His tyranny extends to determining when I sleep and when I wake, even sometimes when I can eat, and the dictates of the Holidays Act and other relevant labour legislation simply do not apply in this area of employment."
  • Karnythia at Angry Black Woman is considering breaking up with feminism over this Obama - Clinton debate that puts women of color, especially Black women, in the middle. "I’m a black woman. I’m a feminist that’s voting for Obama. I was on the verge of ceasing to call myself a feminist since it’s become quite obvious that many white feminists think I’m too stupid to notice them saying nigger under their breath after every call for sisterhood. But then it occurred to me that there’s no reason to let them be the face of the feminist movement."
Each blog listed is fabulous, so check them all out.

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