16 February 2008

Def: Mommy Bloggers

Next month I'll be attending the WAM conference and speaking on a panel about blogging, feminism, and I'll add in mommy blogging to that list.

So my question for my small band of readers is this:

What comes to your mind when you think mommy blogger?

Be honest...use the anonymous comment feature if you must. But I think that mommy bloggers are fighting a huge stereotype. I know we're not a monolith, but with all 'groups' others see us as one.

So tell me, what do you think? If you were to meet a blogger and they said they were a mommy blogger would you check out their blog? What if they said they were a feminist blogger and dropped hints about their children?

OK...off to enjoy Saturday before my daughter complains about me being on the computer too much!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

when i read "mommy bloggers" i think immediately of lauren at faux real, who used to own feministe, blogging about all the ways her motherhood doesn't fit into the mainstream narrative. i also think of the folks at offsprung blasting out their articles by the dozens. but most of all i think of my friend dru who was kind of my blogging mentor, who writes about raising two boys from a radical and feminist perspective.

generally what i think of is women with kids who don't feel addressed by the daytime tv shows or the mainstream magazines with their detergent commercial stereotypes of motherhood. i enjoy reading mommy bloggers because i guess they remind me of my own mother.

oh, and of course i think of you!