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01 February 2008

Feminista Notes

1) You must click on the comic to revel in the perfection that came out of *gasp* Kansas.

2) The Chicago Abortion Fund's CAN-TV show premiered on Wednesday night. We'll get the show You Tubed soon and ya know that I'll show it here. I haven't seen it as I don't have cable, so I can't wait!

3) Instead of being at the CAN-TV studio to see our fantabulous women leaders in action, I was at Women & Children First to see Dr. Susan Wicklund talk about her book. I AM IN TOTAL AWE. The event was taped for BookTV, so again, I'll let ya know when you can watch. I did ask a question and while you won't be able to see my face when she answers, I was at the point of tears. I need to write a longer post about my question...soon.

4) Yikes! The hubby voted early in case he needs to rally the votes on Tuesday. He said there was a line! A line to early vote! Dear goddess, I might be in line forever on Tuesday.

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