Michelle Obama on Working Moms

It's as if Michelle knew I'd be listening.

To be honest, my mommy blog collab has finally made contact with the Obama campaign and we're thisclose to having a chat with a few of their policy folks about the issues that are important to our readers & writers. Don't fret dear readers, it won't be all about mommy stuff. We're women too.

I saw this piece before I headed out to work. My husband asked me, "What do you think?" I said, "She hit all the points perfectly." Now we know why Barack calls her the closer.

It got me remembering back in 1992 when so many of us were excited to see Hillary Rodham Clinton talking about feminist issues. "If only she were running!" many of us exclaimed. I hear the same chorus about Michelle. Obviously the men in power aren't dummies about who they choose as their partners.

So what happened to Hillary? Where are all the women who were backing her 15 years ago? Is this a case of careful of what you wish for? Would she be in a better position if she had waited to run for the seat that Obama now holds so she could "stay" in Illinois and not be weighed down as a carpetbagger?

I dunno...but the venom that spews from anti-Hillary people makes me think that no matter what she does, she can't win.

If we do end up with Michelle as First Lady, I hope she follows the path that Hillary crafted as an engaged First Lady, especially in the realm of work-life balance solutions.

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