Parents at the Polls

Today on the Chicago Moms Blog and our sister sites (Silicon Valley, NYC, and DC Metro) many of us spoke about politics, what we're teaching our kids, and why we're voting for one candidate or another. It's some good stuff, so jump on over and start reading. If you want, jump right to mine and then read the rest. Or save mine for last...kinda like dessert.

One thing that I want to throw out there...Should fear play into your vote?

A lot of us progressives, liberals, etc. hated, hated that Rudy Guliani was running on the fear of 9/11. If someone asked him what his worst date was he'd pull a "Miss Congeniality" and answer September 11th. So why are so many people allowing "everyone else's" fear of Hillary or Barack to decide their vote? Not just in our collaborative posts, but in many places in the blogoshere and in my own conversations with friends.

HRC will polarize the right and we'll lose - FEAR
Racists won't vote for Obama - FEAR (I don't see a KKK member voting for Hill either.)

Vote your choice, but please, don't base it on fear.

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