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See this banner? It's for my book. OK, it's not MY book, it's Adele's, but I do have an essay in it. It's entitled "Occupation: Professional Feminist." Obviously it goes over why I call myself a professional feminist and explores a bit of how feminist careers go far beyond what is generally thought - domestic violence center director, women's health clinic director. All careers that are awesome, but are just the beginning of the universe of careers that feminists can hold that are feminist careers. In reality, I think almost any job can be feminist if feminist ethics and morals are used.

I don't know exactly when the book will be out, but don't fret, I'll let you know. I also believe that part of my sweat equity for the book is to do some events as well as publicize the book. So yes, my friends, you may need to come out and buy the book at a signing. HAHAHA!! The idea of me at a book signing is just too funny for me to contemplate right now. I wonder if the campus bookstore will stock me next to the books from PhDs. OK, now I'm gonna pee my pants from laughing too hard.

Now I really want to get my hands on my piece for edits. I have an image to craft baby.

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